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Thread: Trying to become pack leader

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    Default Re: Trying to become pack leader

    Thanks. I will share this information with him. We really do need to get on the same page!

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    Default Re: Trying to become pack leader

    Quote Originally Posted by Vicaroo1000 View Post
    @Vince00 - copying Vince as he has done amazing things with his pup and obedience.
    Thanks for the referral Vicaroo love to help where I can.

    I have taken a very interested and authorative approach as I continue to train my bulldog knowing that if left to get out of hand it can be a mistake and a regret. I bowed to not let that happen so take everything 'very' serious when training and correct anything I can immediatly when it happens. We have the few issues know and again mostly because 'everyone' in the household is not following the same guidelines so I have to overcorrect and fix where they have made mistakes. (IE. Someone let Kain up on the table one day and he successfully found food, guess what... Now he wants to jump on the table when he can get away with it. Absoultly NOT going to happen!

    So what would I do if Kain jumped up and bit and didn't follow my guidelines is all I can offer take it for what it's worth as I'm not a dog trainer so can only offer what I would do with the knowledge I learnt here, dog whisper, and books from Ceasar Milan etc.

    First off - Always stay calm and assertive, this may be hard if he bit you and your scared or not 100% in to the correction with all your body energy he will pick up on this and use it against you. You have to be 100% relaxed! Remember the issue that happened in the dogs mind will be forgot in 2 min's and be your best friend again so you have to live and forget, don't live in the past on previous issues, every event is a new beginning to start over with your dog. STAY CALM, assertive, and in charge.

    I would immediately submit him as mentioned above and gain that instant correction, keep in mind you have to know where you stand on this as it could be dangerous, it sounds like you have already succeeded so that is great!

    As @Vicaroo1000 mentioned above it is equally important to 'earn' his trust at all times not just when you demand it. This has to be demanded for EVERYONE in the family so these practices absolutely have to happen for consistency by everyone all the time not just certain parts of the day.

    Consistency, Consistency, Consistency is your key to success.

    Some things you can do that will help immediately let him know who is in charge :

    1. When you walk outside make him Sit and you walk through first, when the door opens that does NOT mean he can follow, you invite him to come through on YOUR terms when YOU are ready. When you come back into the house, repeat the same method as above and be sure he sits and waits until you give him the OK to come in.

    2. When feeding time, establish a process for him to get his food, as the great post above about nothing in life is free taking him for a walk before meal time so he 'works' for his food is a great suggestion.

    During feeding time this is what I do :

    - Pick up both dishes (one for my Yorkie and one for Kain my bulldog)
    - Wash and clean the dishes while he sits at his spot we agreed on for meal time
    - Put food in both dishes
    - Place the dish for my Yorkie on the floor to start eating (Kain is NOT allowed to go near or even think about being part of it)
    - I grab his dish and put a bit of water in it so it's moist and then shake it in front of him, at this point I made him SIT and WAIT, since then i've added an additional step where he has to go in a DOWN position
    - I then place his food down on his dish rack
    - Look at him, wait approx 10 sec's or so and then allow him with 'OK'

    Happy to report the latest addition of DOWN is done with a simple point to the floor and most times he does it on his own knowing it is meal time and that is what he is supposed to do.

    Also, if food aggression or any issues with him accepting other family members make THEM feed him so he knows his spot on the chain of command. Everyone of my kids including my 10 year old can repeat the above process with zero issues.

    3. Correcting around the house, I'm assuming there is other items around the house that could also be better. If you raise the bar on all things and follow through with the consistency this will REALLY help in showing him who is boss.

    Example, while going for a walk - If he pulls ahead stop and make him sit before continuing, If he drags behind walk faster so he meats your pace, if he pulls ahead again change directions... go 'off' the normal trail so he has to pay attention to you, find a area with fence posts and dodge in and out around every other post, make him follow you if he thinks he knows where your going turn and do it backwards etc etc.

    If I can think of other items I will add back but the biggest thing is forget about what he may have done in the past that offended you, everyday is a clean slate, stay calm and assertive at all times as should everyone involved in his training.

    With consistency you will see results very quickly in the same week. Keep him busy and make him part of your daily routine and he will realize something has changed and he will follow lead.

    I hope some of these work for you and I don't come across like I have the answers as that is not my intent. Sometimes I feel like a drill sargent and get critized by my wife that he never has fun but now we look back and are SOOO happy we did what we did with everything from kennel training to house training.

    Oh on training, we used clicker training from the time he was young, you can see a video if you search for Vince0099 on youtube, there is also a feeding video there as I described above that needs updating now.

    Good Luck!

    @JohnS @LoveMyBully82
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    Default Re: Trying to become pack leader

    @Vince00 - thank you. This is GOOD STUFF. I think folks underestimate the huge VALUE in the "energy" thing / being calm and assertive. I am "mommy first" to my dogs and that soft energy does undermine me. It's been a hard lesson for me to learn and Bo would have benefited GREATLY from being given the same, exact calm/assertive that Bea got in the beginning (as a pup). I used to cut him breaks. "He's a rescue", I told myself. Well, BO DOESN'T KNOW THAT OR CARE! hahahahaha Consequently, Bea is the much better behaved dog with 100% reverence for my authority around here. Bo thinks that he has options sometimes. That is 100% MY FAULT. It's not the dog -- it's the human that is leading him/her.
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