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Thread: She just wont stop instigating fights with him...

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    Default Re: She just wont stop instigating fights with him...

    Yes you can post a video. That would be helpful! You Tube works well for posting. But some also have used fluke and photo bucket.

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    Default Re: She just wont stop instigating fights with him...

    Quote Originally Posted by MsKfernandez View Post
    This is absolutely 100% not playing. HE may believe they are playing. Is it possible to post a video here? She does not "playfully" approach him. As to why we would get another dog.... I am not the type of person to sit back and watch a dog (or anything for that matter) in need, abandoned and neglected and do nothing when I know I have the space the money and the time to help. Waiting around for the "perfect" situation means life or death for some of these dogs and that's not something I'm willing to live with. Knowing a beautiful sweet loving amazing dog died because circumstances weren't "just right" for us. No thanks.
    I can tell the difference between EB playing and NOT playing by the energy between the dogs. Sometimes, they really are making a NOISY FUSS - but they are just playing. It sounds like you know exactly what that difference is for your two pups --- since all dogs are different, that 's important. You sound like a very aware dog parent. I'd just say keep disagreeing with the behavior that you don't want while letting the dogs establish the hierarchy of their relationship. There are bound to be noisy scuffles --- sometimes VERY noisy-- but loud doesn't mean "fight"; the energy is different.

    Bea and Bo can really go to town --- or rather, sound like they are --- when they play this game where Bea has the toy and Bo wants it. Bea WANTS Bo to try and get it and he's all too happy to oblige. The problem is that he's bigger than her and most often wins. ha ha She don't like to lose! So that can be kind of noisy...and it might freak other people out that aren't used to that play. I disagree with that behavior when company is about or when I don't want to listen to that nonsense. ha ha

    Maybe you can divert their collective attention with some leadership exercises? If you are indeed the pack leader, they have no reason to squabble over the top position. Using a scrap over a toy is a great avenue for this. I take the toy and "own it". I put it between my feet or on my lap (where they can get ahold of it - but do not allow it) and I don't let them have it. "Mine" is the word I use. It's a great leadership exercise. Keep walking them together while YOU maintain pack leadership. Really and truly, the walk is where the magic happens, I think. :-)

    Thanks for being a part of rescue too. <3

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