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Thread: Defiance and aggression in 1 year old fixed male

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    Default Defiance and aggression in 1 year old fixed male

    Hello bullied peeps...

    Nigel is a 13 month old male that exhibits the "typical" weirdo compulsions towards certain things, i.e. the hair dryer, vacuum, windshield wipers... screeching little girls. The later of which is not so good. It's almost like he's possessed or someone flips a switch when he goes OCD over these things. He knows he's not supposed to go crazy but can't help himself.

    He has grown up with 11-13 year old kids, has a doggie door and goes out to do business when necessary. Lately, however... my wife and I go to bed earlier than the kids and he becomes a real brat, getting up on furniture, barking and generally trying to bully the kids into undivided attention. Last night he jumped on my 13 son's bed then peed on it in. I'm sure it was an f-u thing and not because he had to go.

    Last weekend my niece's little girl (6) got knocked over by his bullieness then started to shreek. That switch flipped and he went crazy, trying to "get" her. He's demonstrated some "humping" behavior since being fixed at 9 months and usually towards little girls but a couple times toward my wife when he was really excited to see her. He definitely wanted to dominate her, whether hump or just sit on her and squish her. He does this with his stuffed animals and one of our cats. (The other one doesn't tolerate it.)

    He is generally a very mellow and lovey fellow but every now and then a big, unruly brat! A bully in every since of the word. He is never home alone and doesn't sleep in a crate. Maybe we have spoiled him.

    He get's stern "no's" and they are usually work when it's something little. When that OCD trigger happens, no amount of NO works. Stopping him in the act is the problem, once that switch is flipped. A water bottle is ineffective. He just bites at the water and lunges at the bottle. He behaves on a pinch collar lead, but that isn't too practical 24/7.

    Is this an adolescent phase? Any suggestions? My wife is afraid he could hurt a little child. I don't think he would do more than straddle/squish them. He does nip when he's excited and has turned to grab me when I've grabbed his collar to drag him off the bed, but has never drawn blood. VERY stubborn and defiant (bull headed)... and smart. The smart ones are usually the self thinkers.

    Any thoughts or experiences appreciated.

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    Default Re: Defiance and aggression in 1 year old fixed male

    Well sounds like you need to start off with the basics again and show him who's boss. It is a phase he is going through, the teenage years if you will. But if not corrected now will cause problem later. I would not use a pinch collar on a bully due to their narrow trachea. You may need to put him on a leash when he is acting out to confirm the "NO". Make him earn everything he gets. Cesar Millan has some good books on this.
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    He's dominating your kids... Not good. I know our dogs are lovable and goofy but being "unpredictable" in situations with kids is a no-no. Recipe for disaster!

    I would make that priority #1. Go on walks with the kids, one at a time would be easiest. Get them to master walking him on a leash (supervised of course). Practice making him sit, teaching patience and respect. Get them learning to claim space over him. No jumping on furniture or beds until he is fully respectful. When there are children over, keep a 6 ft leash on him (dragging on the floor). This way you can quickly grab him if his energy goes nuts.

    And of course exercise the heck outta him. A tired dog is a good dog.
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    Default Re: Defiance and aggression in 1 year old fixed male

    Oh boy, I have a 100 pound American that has the exact same demeanor. He's 8 yrs old and has never changed and I have tried everything. Trainers, books , I love Cesar and have tried. I know all about the switch, it's pure evil.

    But the one thing that works the best? trust, it comes down to a trust issue with our Jack. Calm and quiet is the only time I can see trust in his eyes. and yes, like you said, smart, I have never seen a smarter self thinking dog.

    don't give up, but always keep an eye out for his next flip of the switch.
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