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Thread: Stop bully From Lunging

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    <smile> yep, same here I have to remind my self of the importance. As a puppy we stopped at two doorways every 2 hrs to go outside for a pee. Stop, Sit, Wait, OK, walk through close door and repeat at the other door. Go outside and repeat on the way back in on both doors. I've got no bad signs yet but it's only the beginning if you let it slide and they take charge for you instead lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vicaroo1000 View Post
    @robramirez007 - How's Hank doing? What's working? What isn't working? Other folks can benefit from your experience my friend! Don't forget to update us.
    I've been using the advice Vince recommended and Hank is doing better. I always go out the door first but I need to work on having him sit before i invite him out( I haven't tried it) I live in a large apt complex and Ive been walking him between cars, around the parking lot, in between apartments. So far he's been following me but occasionally he recognizes the path and will try to lead. I stop and turn and he starts to follow again. I'm turning every walk into a training session and its working. I'm trying to get him to sit when he sees someone but its not working. He completely ignores me. Even if i put a treat in front of his nose. he will not sit. He always listens to me when we are home though. Strange right?

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    No...not strange at all. I've determined - thru trail and error - (mostly error) that the only thing that trumps a favorite food is ATTENTION from anyone. ha ha God help us if he/she knows WHO the person is!

    Bea and Bo have "friends" throughout our complex and oddly enough, many of them have white cars. (including Grandma) Now, anytime a white car drives by, they focus on the car...they want to see who's going to stop and fuss over them.

    Seriously though, you might try a different treat. There are these freeze dried peanut butter and fruit treats I use that can even trump a white car or the lawn guy in the golf cart who gives them dog bones. I don't have the brand - sorry - I dump them into my treat pouch immediately and recycle the packaging - but PetPros has them in many flavors now. We used to buy the chicken flavor because that's all there was (we have a chicken sensitivity here) but now there's lots of flavors. The peanut butter / blueberry / banana combo is a favorite here.

    Maybe try upping your treat quotient?

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