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I dont know if this is true or not but i have reqd somewhere that you should never let the dog sleep on top of you. Even just his head. Makes them think they are dominant over you. This was hard for me as macy was so cuddly and laid on me the exact same way. But now i dont even allow her to sleep with me. Mainly because she peed in my bed twice. Yuck! Lol
All correct, if the dog has dominance level which is what you have if she pee'd in YOUR bed. That is her telling you -- I own this spot and you. Banks is like this, we allow her in our bed, but she has to stay on the lower end of the bed, which works fine as she is not a cuddler. She has NEVER pee'd in our bed... every other spot in the house thanks to UTI's but never the bed.

When you have a non-dominate - it does not matter and they respect you as the alpha.