Age: 5 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $550.00

Special Needs: No

Tolerant of children
Tolerant of dogs
Tolerant of cats

She writes: Today, June 23, 2018 was the best day of my life. Today, I realized I matter to a lot of people, and I was given a name. After having many litters of puppies, I was picked up by animal control while roaming down south. I sat in the shelter and wondered if I EVER mattered to anyone. I wondered if anyone would want a dog who was literally starving to death. An awful-smelling dog with ugly growths on my skin. A dog with white gums and could barely walk.

But then, like a miracle that only happens to OTHER dogs, I heard the best news ever. I DID matter to a group of people and I was going to be able to leave the shelter. A transport plan had been arranged and I was going to ride in three different SUVs. And I was never going to look back. I walked out of the shelter thanks to Kylie, then I was picked up by Jen, and then Holly arrived and carried me to her car. Many miles later, I was transferred to Dianneís SUV and got comfy. The attention, the blankets, the water, and the milkshake were amazing.

I must confess I had a peach milkshake. In fact, I ate the entire milkshake and half of the cup. Fair warning: no one should get out to pump gas and leave a milkshake unattended. Yes, I crawled to the front, stuck my head through the console and lifted the milkshake, like magic. In celebration of my freedom, I ate the entire thing. If you ever see Cooperís Peaches on Hwy 45, I recommend stopping for a peach milkshake. I would say I am sorry, but really, Iím not. If you saw me in person, you would see every rib I have. My skin feels like it is on fire and my ears hurt so bad. Better days are ahead for me and I want to thank everyone who gave up their Saturday so I could get the help I have needed for a really, really long time! Keep your eye on me and watch me transform to the Bulldog I was born to be.

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