Please welcome Lucy, a very special four years old to rescue. Lucy’s mother has a child that just had a brain tumor removed and her future is not good. She knew she could no longer provide for her sick child snd the bulldog she loved. As she said “Goodbye,” Lucy’s mother cried and hugged and cried some more as she told Lucy how much she was loved. If Lucy had been glass she would have cracked under the hugs.
7/17/16 Update: Lucy Lou Checking In! Well I’ve had a terrible week!!! Went to the Vet with Mom on Monday and found out I am heart worm positive and have pneumonia AND A TAIL INFECTION! Good Grief I was falling apart and didn’t even know it. Well I’m on Antibiotics for the Pneumonia and skin and tail Infection. I have to wait to have my heart worm treatment until I recover from the other things. I slept through most of my first week here with mom. She was really worried about me. I barely had the energy to go outside and potty. Then Thursday night I surprised her. I realized that all this time I was sleeping there was a parrot named Lily in the cage next to my crate. I didn’t know what to think so I just started barking and barking at this silly thing. Mom came a running (so did my brother and 5 sisters) to see what was going on. It was just me letting everyone in the house know I’m feeling better. Mom was so happy that she hugged me and told me I had turned the corner and I was going to be just fine.
I got a new sister today her name is Lucy too! Mom thinks it great she calls one name and gets two bullies! She’s crazy, but I love her.

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