My name is Bella Lucy and I am 7 years old. Just because I am a senior donít think that I donít still have some get up and go. I can be faster than a speeding bullet when it comes to nap time, treat time or supper time. I am a huge fan of all 3! But really what I loved the most was my Mother. My Mother was 86 years old when she left for her home in the sky, and she forgot to take me with her. She said my work here was not done! I called my Mother my Hero because when she rescued me at the age of 3 from a Puppy Mill bust in Louisiana. I had spent my life their spinning in a circle in a tiny cage having babies. My mother loved me and I loved her. 7 bulldogs where rescued that day and she had the choice of choosing any of them but she chose me. From that day forward we were constant companions. Sometime people that did not know us well would whisperĒ that bulldog is not that prettyĒ and oh the fight was on. In my mother eyeís I was a run way model. I ate the best food, I rode in the best car, and I was almost famous. Donít worry about my nose, itís dry and cracking, cause licking my nose is what I started doing after my Mother died. Itís a nervous habit, I have nose cream and I am gonna lick that cream right off my nose the first chance I get. I am sad to report I need a new family now, a family that even though I may be a little older will love be like my mother did. My Mother was and is now a Saint. Can you please love me like my Mother did. I would love to sit and talk to you when you adopt me so I can tell ya all about my Mother that is now in heaven. I loved my Mother and you would have loved her to.

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