Meet Stormy ! Picked up by a local animal control and her family never came for her. Stormy is thought to be under 2, and what a nice bulldog she is . Stormy showed zero interest in fighting, or confrontation of any kind. Stormy was more of letís just eat and get along . Stormy has some bulldog skin stuff, but on a scale of 1-10, I give this girl a 10!!
7/10/16 Update: Stormy (aka Sas) is a doll. She loves people, kids and other dogs. My two pups are being a little bratty about her sharing their dad, but they are getting there. Stormy just looks at them like theyíve lost their minds. She was someoneís companion. She follows us (especially my husband) everywhere. No accidents in the house. She does not get on the furniture and only barks when she wants outside to potty or back inside from going potty. She is not very old, they think 2, but has had puppies. She has a c-section scar. Her spay is set for July 19th and Iím guessing she will find a forever home quickly.

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