Grace will soon be available for adoption! A few months ago we took in Diamond as an owner surrender. What we did not know at the time was that she was expecting. Diamond soon gave birth to two pups. One died shortly after birth, but Little Grace has grown and flourished with her foster family. Several weeks after giving birth and Grace was weaned, Diamond was adopted by a wonderful family, but adopting a puppy was just not in their plans. We have no real idea the breed of the father (hence the rather long nose and ears). There have been all kinds of guesses. What we do know is that Grace is the sweetest little girl around! She will be on medical hold a little longer until her spay.
6/26/16 Update: Baby Grace is a playful, gangly puppy with a nubby Bully tail that wags constantly. She is full of energy that sometimes is annoying to my older girl Bullies. She canít understand why they wonít run and romp with her. She has grown so much since she first left the clinic in a shoebox. Her skin is very pink and she is snow white so she has to be careful to stay out of the sun. She is still young, but understands for the most part, that going outside includes doing her business. Grace loves everyone including small children, but can be a bit much for very little ones.
7/3/16 Update: Grace never ceases to amaze me with her zest for life and her pure puppy joy. She can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for the small children that are here most of the time, but she is a lover of affection. I cannot believe the little white creature I brought home from Dr. Wís has grown so fast. Yes, it appears her nubby tail is Bulldog, but the rest of her may be Boxer according to Dr. W. Doesnít matter ~ she is truly a statement to the will to survive. Grace is fast as a gazelle and me chasing her is a sight to behold. She knows a treat is coming when she goes out to do her business. She is still on the three-meal-a-day plan and likes to go outside once in the middle of the night. Grace is now chipped and has one more set of puppy shots ahead of her. She got her first collar in her signature lime green. Having cared for her literally from day one, she has stolen my heart.

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