Please welcome 6-year-old Katy to our rescue family. Katy has been with another, all-breed rescue since January, getting all her medical needs met, including the pulling of all her rotten teeth. Obviously, Katie was in horrific shape when she was originally surrendered. The rescue group knew finding Katy a home that knows Bulldogs was a priority, so they turned to us. Katy is precious, full of love, energyÖ And toothless.
6/17/16 Update: Do you ever have a foster that you can totally picture who they would be in their human form? Katy would be named Ethel. You would find Ethel up in Oklahoma, behind a slot machine with a cigarette dangling out of her mouth. With Katyís toothless grin and raspy bark, I think I love this gal more and more every day. She is very sweet, very laid back and just wants someone to chill with her. Katy will come alive when she sees a leash. She loves walks and loves car rides even more. Katy has very soft fur and really doesnít shed any.
I wish she could tell me of her past, but I think sheís content on living in this moment. I havenít had her in a crate because she obviously isnít going to chew up anything she shouldnít. She shows no signs of food aggression. She actually wiggles her tail while she eats so Iím guessing that food is pure bliss for her. Me too, Katy. Me too. We are working on the bathroom part. Sometimes she will go out willingly. Sometimes I have to pick her up. Most of the time she will potty outside, but she has had a few accidents. Just give Katy a soft blanket with a spot on the couch (again, she doesnít shed) and you will have made a best friend!
7/10/16 Update: Hey everybullyÖ itís me, Katy, AKA Ethel, now AKA Zippy. Iím starting to come out of my shell and I like to dance and prance. Feed me and Iím dancing. Call my name and Iím prancing. Let me outside to poop and Iím doing both. Thatís all Bulldogs, though. Totally normal for us to do a victory lap, right? Hee hee. Iím still told Iím the sweetest thing next to apple pie and I do my best to hold that title. My foster sister likes to get rowdy with me and we play. A lot. And I show her how tough I am by gumming her so much that her fur gets sopping wet. Having no teeth hasnít stopped me and I walk away the winnerÖ sheís the one thatís all wet! Iím waiting patiently for my people.I know youíre out there so in the meantime, Iíll keep practicing all my fancy moves with my foster family.

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