Please welcome Maddie to our rescue family. She was surrendered to a local shelter. Their examining doctor concluded that her jaw must have been broken at some point and healed crooked. She has a horrible, dripping tail infection. We’ll need to get that handled first before it’s removed. Please keep her in your thoughts. Stay tuned for more details on her.
6/13/16 Update: My name was not Maddie when I was taken to the Animal Shelter, it was another name. And thru the goodness of strangers that came for me at the shelter, looking like I looked, and loving me anyway I am glad she changed my name. All I can tell you is my life has been misery for as long as I remember. I have had many litters of puppies, many ear infections, lost lots of my fur, and have many battle scars to show my road was never a easy road to hoe. All I remember the lady saying was “Dear Lord is that infection dripping from your tail, and that horrible smell from your ears is making me nauseas.?” I could not even look up into her eyes because the pain was just to great. We rode to the vet with the windows down and my fur blowing in the wind. It felt great! Could I trust this lady? The last person that I trusted kicked me in the face, broke my jaw, and left it to heal all on its own. I have decided I am trusting her, she bathed me, has fed me all I can eat, gave me a brand new bed, and she is brushing what little fur I have left. She is not going to be my forever family, she is my foster Mom. She has promised me that I will be loved, and taken care of, and I will be someone’s everything. I don’t like other dogs at all. From the looks of my scars you will see I have had many fights and I am just to tired to protect myself any longer. But I love and adore people !! If you can be my forever family please send in a application, I promise I will love you forever. Love Maddie
6/20/16 Update: Maddie is waiting on tail surgery, but she is just about the perfect Bulldog. She needs to be the only thing in the house with fur, but Maddie loves people, her crate and is zero trouble! Maddie is potty trained, walks great on a leash and is getting to be a favorite for sure. Her favorite times of the day are treat time and meal time. Maddie is putting on some needed weight and is looking really good!
7/10/16 Update: Maddie is recovering very slowly from tail surgery. She is a huge fan of resting, eating and resting some more. Maddie is one of the sweetest Bulldogs I have ever fostered. She loves, loves, loves people and is happiest when she can get as close to you as possible. Maddie needs a home where she is the only thing with fur; however, she has seemed to mellow out a bit within the last week.

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