Please welcome Senior Saint Mae to the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue family. Many thanks to our volunteer Mary who picked up Mae from a local shelter today. Mary says Mae has lost many of her teeth. Her eyes are cloudy and it appears she’s had several litters. She weighs only about 30 pounds, according to the shelter. Stay tuned for more details about Mae.
2/1/16 Update: Poor poor little Mae. I picked her up at the shelter Saturday and have never seen a more emaciated bulldog. It looked like someone had hooked her up to a vacuum sealer and took ALL the air and life out of her. I was amazed she could even walk. She couldn’t see well as her eyes were all matted with green gunk…..but that little tail was just spinning 90 to nothin! Mae went to see Dr. Randy this morning and she has a few issues we need to get cleared up and she needs to put on some weight. She’ll be spayed on the 19th. She looks like she has had a litter(s) of puppies but there is no c-section scars(?). We received meds for yeast infected ears..abraded corneas plus dry eye. AND she does have her teeth….they are just worn completely down to her gum line, but it doesn’t hold her back from eating at all. I’m feeding her 4 small meals a day to not overwhelm her body. We’ll give her time before I say she may need to be an only dog. She is very aggressive with my other bully (and Bylthe will fight back) but Mae can’t do any damage with no teeth! She does sometimes try to start with the big dogs but they just walk away. A spray from the water bottle calms her down.
Mae has the most beautiful face and eyes and will follow you every where. If you come to her she’ll cower down and flop over for you to rub her belly. So we have a little work to do, but soon Mae will be waiting for her perfect family!
2/4/16 Update: Prayers are needed for foster girl Mae! She’s currently at the vet clinic being treated for pneumonia. We believe she’ll be there for at least 3-4 days for aggressive antibiotic fluid therapy. Thankfully, her blood work looks OK and she doesn’t appear to have any kidney or liver issues. Mae is an older girl, so she needs all the well wishes and prayers you can send. Stay strong, Mae!
2/6/16 Update: Mae was released from hospitalization after 3 days intensive treatment today. She had a pneumonia with aspiration with perfuse lung involvement. She was on IV drug and hydration therapy with nebulizer and coupage tratments 3 times daily. She NEVER lost her appetite and have even gained 2# since picking her up last Friday I can continue nebulizer and coupage tratments at home while giving her crate rest for another 10 days…then she goes back for reassessment. Mae is strong and a fighter and has the most sweetest little face…..she will make any family fall in love with her and five her the BEST forever.
2/7/16 Update: Little Lady Mae is on the mend. This poor little girl could eat her way through a 30 pound bag of food in one day if she could. She’s timid, but she’s getting confidence and has had no accidents in her crate. She’s getting tired of bed rest, I think… barking at me several times today to let her out and I can’t say no. Hopefully, at her checkup next week, we’ll get a spay date and she’ll be on her way to her new life.
2/15/16 Update: Mae is starting to NOT looked like a piece of shrunken dried up leather. She eats 4 times a day and is always ready for more. Mae is smart and knows the food closet and where the treats are kept, and has no problem with trying to help herself by climbing to get something if she feels the need. With that pretty little cherub face, you can’t get mad at her. She’ll just do her wiggle dance and roll over and give you a belly rubbing wiggle too! Mae is feeling better everyday and is almost finished with all her meds. She has a recheck this Friday.
2/24/16 Update: Little Miss Mae is well on the road to recovery. She has gained 4 pounds since we pulled her from the shelter and is starting to look like a Bulldog, instead of a shrunken piece of hide. Mae knows her feeding times and waits patiently on the kitchen mat hoping to make it come sooner. Since Mae came in heat this week, it’ll be at least three weeks until we can get her spayed. Then she’ll be ready for her forever family. Mae gets more confident every day.
3/21/16 Update: Little Miss May is doing well and has gained weight fantastically! She now looks like a Bulldog. May is so cute and funny….she reminds me of a shuffling, little old lady….who TOOTS the whole way….ha..ha..ha. She has the LOUDEST and LONGEST TOOTS …..you’d think she was standing right beside you and she’s sleeping in the OTHER room! And the…y dont embarrass her at all….she will take a treat or loving and toot the whole time.
I’ve reduced her feedings now to 3 times a day since she’s looking so good….hopefully, that might reduce the passing air. May sounds like an old, rusty lawnmower when she snores too. May loves to lay out on the back porch and sun herself or curl up with one of the big dogs and take a nap. She’s just an old curmudgeon, and you can’t help but love that beautiful little face (after you clean out all the eye boogers).
May goes for her spay this Friday and she will begin earnestly looking for her furever home.
3/25/16 Update: I dropped little Miss May off at the clinic this morning for her spay. She was not impressed with the no breakfast thing! She followed close on my heels all morning, as if to say, “Hey! I’m here. Did you forget something? Tummy’s talking!”
3/27/16 Update: Little Miss Mae did well with her surgery Friday. She was very sleepy coming home that afternoon buy was ready to EAT after 6p…lol! Saturday morning Mae was back to her old self and NOT happy with the crate confinement. Mae’s jiggly bits are shrinking up nicely but dont allow much air yet to her tummy sutures…..thinking about “tapeing things UP” to allow more air circulation! Since Mae and my other bully dont see eye to eye most days she’ll have to be kept crated for at least 5 days….dont want any issues with bleeding or stiches. It just breaks my heart to see her alone in the crate. So Mae is just hanging and enjoying a little sunbathing time in the afternoons….patiently waiting for her suture removal and meeting her furever family. another bit of good news is that she has gained 12 pounds and is now up to 42 pounds and looks so much better.
5/1/16 Update: Life is a set a challenges for May. This past week, she had an angry, angry eye, so she was sent to an eye specialist. May did so well resting her head on the scope so the doctor could see the growth.
We’re all hoping its an inflamation granulation, so stronger, different meds were prescribed and we’ll hope for improvement. If not, the eye will be removed as it could be a rare type of cancer. May sits well for her eye meds hourly and it doesn’t stop her from anything! Mae has started guarding the doggy door… letting no one in or out. She’s the smallest in the group, but she runs the room. May needs a furever family that is wise to Bully ways, but ready for all the love and affection this senior gal has left to give and she has a LOT!
6/20/16 Update: Little miss Mae is just waiting for her furever family. This girl migjt be a senior but you cant tell by her energy level. She will play and play and play…..till I stop her and make her rest! Mae gets along fantastically with all the dogs here except for my personal bully :/ They just both want to be top bully and really can’t stand each other. But otherwise from my grandson’s young healer to my daughter’s huge mastiff …to the old man dobie Mae does just fine. She will share her toys or take them outside when she wants to start a game of keep away. Mae is so easy to care for ….she doesn’t mind nail trims or bath time or eye meds. She loves to be brushed or to cuddle on the couch or bed and watch tv. She knows the schedule and will put herself in the kennel when the time is right….lol Mae would make any family the perfect little bully!
7/13/16 Update: Little Miss Mae may be a senior with nubs for teeth, BUT she has no lack of energy! She plays with most all the other dogs in residence and will play and play and play….. like the Energizer bunny!Mae has her quirks and isn’t perfect, but you cant help not to fall in love with this little munchkin when she greets you with the rotor tail a twirlin’ and the paw being offered to hold. Then she’ll flop right over to give you a big toot and lets …you rub her belly…..lol. Her eyesight isn’t the best and loud noises or quick movements can startle her…. but she just backs up and barks at “it”. She is just the sweetest little ol’ lady who wants a furever family to love

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