Please welcome Harper to the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue family.
Harper is 5 years old and was found wandering through a neighborhood by Wendy, a foster parent for Lone Star Dog Ranch. Wendy went door-to-door with Harper, looking to reunite her with her family. A neighbor directed Wendy to a home where Bulldogs were said to live. When Wendy got there, the homeowner said he didn’t want the dog back. He said he had bred her once and she had had four babies via c-section. He then bred her again and she free-whelped (ugh!) 8 babies. He said was done breeding “this one” because he and his friend had bought 5 females at an auction. Wendy stood and listened, stunned, as he described every detail about “making money on selling Bulldog puppies.”
Well, sir… We feel “this one” deserves a much better life ~ one that will be filled with love and compassion, instead of greed and abandonment. Harper, there’s no looking back now. We’ve got this!
4/20/16 Update: Hi friends!! I’m harper. I am just addicted to LOVE. As soon as I see you walking toward me, my wrinkly booty can’t help but start wagging as fast as I can possibly make it wag. I want nothing but to get all of your love. I am very playful and love to hop around, but most importantly, I LOVE to snuggle next to my human family!
5/15/16 Update: She may be “the queen of mean” when it comes to other dogs, but Harper has won me over. Harper and I spend a lot time outside in the garden and she is the best helper. Harper stays right beside me and never wanders far. She walks with a odd gait because her legs are bowed, but Harper is a great, funny Bulldog. She will work well with any fur-free family that does not crate because she is a barker, if crated. She is 100 percent potty trained.

5/22/16 Update: The Queen of Mean keeps that title again this week. Harper is not tolerant of anything with fur. At around 40lbs and physically unfit due to a caged life, Harper seeks out a good fight. But oh what a fun girl !!! Harper loves, loves, loves people. And Harper loves car rides, and she loves any attention. Harper’s perfect family will love her to death !!! I love Harper myself.

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