Welcome Amos, an owner surrender into Rescue. Stay tuned for more information on this sweet boy.
3/22/16 Update: What a sweet, sweet boy. Amos is very friendly and the whole office staff loves him. He loves to play with his ball and toys and just eats up any attention. He knows how to sit and give a paw. He is good on leash, but would rather sit back in the grass get scratched and watch the men who were pruning the trees. He gives loving kisses on return of any praise.
3/27/16 Update: Amos is a quiet gentleman that just wants love and attention and a lap to place his head! He adjusted quickly to his new surroundings, gets along great with all of the other Bulldogs in the house, and he doesnít seem to mind the toddler toddling around either.
4/10/16 Update: While Amos is a senior in age, he is not a senior in mind or spirit! This guy is the most active of all the other Bullies in this house. He is my constant shadow when Iím outside doing yard work, and lately thatís all the time. Heís inspecting every weed I pull! He loves the water hose spraying! When itís time to rest, heís the perfect guy to snuggle on the couch next to you and watch TV!

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