Welcome Sandy into Rescue. She has her problems, but deserves a wonderful home. She is polka-dotted, deaf, smart, and adventurous bully! (2/15/16) She knows sign language and is as cute as can be.
I took her out behind the office and this little chunk was great to walk but once we played she wanted to jog and it was so cute!! Very thankful for the attention
2/18/16 Update: Sandy has left the clinic and is now with her new foster family. Stay tuned for regular updates on this sweet girl.
3/6/16 Update: You would not realize she is deaf. She is as sharp as a tack and doesn’t miss a beat. This sweet girl talks, shakes hands and does a high five! She knows many basic commands and it will not be difficult to show someone the commands because they are similar to regular training commands except Sandy cannot hear but keeps her eyes fixated on you. A little flashlight helps to draw her attention. She is our first foster girl, but we have a 3 year old bully, Bentley, who is also deaf. Sometimes she is like a spoiled toddler, but then she wants to please you and do what she can to get your love and acceptance. This attitude makes her training much easier. I know she would prefer to be our only dog, but we have been working with her on sharing that love and attention. Yes, we do lots of group hugs with her and group kisses and group everything.
Sandy is housetrained and will notify you either by standing at the door or grunting at you while she waits. If she is having trouble getting your attention, she will come to you and start grunting and doing a tap dance around you. She is crate trained and leash trained.
She can be a little sneak and get on the furniture when you are not in the room, or sneak into the pantry to look around. Sandy cuddles, likes sitting on the floor or in her bed. She does well with people and wants to interact with everyone. She communicates well even though she cannot hear. We are going to try doggy daycare next week to see how she gets along with others.
She would make a wonderful friend to someone who understands her special needs and is willing to work with her.
3/13/16 Update: Our foster girl surprises us every day. We get to know her more and more each day ~ her likes and dislikes. She likes wearing her outfits, but they can come off immediately for a Wrestlemania Smackdown! She can hold her own.
We found out she also likes to watch TV. We noticed this over the weekend when she was watching one of the debates in her bunny ears. She cracks us up.

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