Say hello to our newest little friend, Emerson! An owner surrender, his leg somehow got injured in his backyard and it looks like we may have a break. Please keep him in your thoughts on his road to recovery.
2/23/16 Update: Foster boy Emerson is making the vet rounds this morning. Emerson went to our vet today and it looks heíll need screws in his leg. Heíll have to go to a specialist at the surgery center. Surgery to repair a broken elbow will be tomorrow.
2/24/16 Update: At about 2:15 p.m. today, we learned Emerson was out of surgery, laying on his side, breathing on his own and doing great. If all goes according to plan, he should be released tomorrow. Thank you all for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers!
2/25/16 Update: Poor foster boy Emerson is feeling a bit like a martini glass this morning. The good news? Heíll be released from the Dallas veterinary Surgical Center at 3:30 today!
2/28/16 Update: This puppy is just as cute as they come! He is all BOY! A beautiful snuggle bug, curious about everything, 25 pounds of silly clumsiness and Iím sure it would be this way even without his broken leg. He does wonderful in his crate, considering. Itís funny how one forgets just how busy a pup is. He loves everyone and has had only one accident in his crate (I Öblame myself for not standing outside longer with him, though). Oh, and knock on wood, heís ignored his stitches when I give him a break from his cone. I apologize every time I put it back on and he is so understanding. This little man is going to make some family so very happy! You canít help but smile and feel overwhelming love when you see his sweet face.
3/6/16 Update: Emerson doesnít have much news to report here! He continues to be a fun, happy-go-lucky puppy and wonders why he canít be out running and jumping around. He will go this week to have his stitches pulled and I will see what is next with getting him back in shape so he can do all the things a pup wants and needs to do. He still favors the broken leg, but when heís not thinking about it, heíll try to use it to run. Ugh, donít want another suÖrgery, so itís always back to the crate!
Last week, he was showered with all kinds of gifts and it was like Christmas around here. Emerson is such a good boy and shares his goodies with his foster brothers. Oh! And I have to tell you that this pup is so smart! He knows that he needs to potty outside! I am super proud of him. I will have more to talk about after he sees the vet this week. Thank you to everyone for all the love and support for this sweet boy.

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