Jaxson is a 9 yr. old male that weighs 59 lbs.
Jaxson joined rescue today as an owner surrender. The family was not able to give him the attention that they wanted for him, so they asked LSBCR to help find him a new forever home. Jaxson is a GREAT guy and although he may be 9 he is very energetic and active for his age. He joined his foster family last night and is settling in well. Stay tuned for more details as Jaxson starts his search for the perfect family.
11/1/2015 Update: Jaxson is the absolute sweetest “little dude” around. We picked him up in Friday, he was a bit nervous but did great. He loves to look out the window and see what’s going on. He is great with kids and other dogs as well. Jaxson is a big ball of love. He doesn’t have one ounce of get up and go either, he is moving on his time. He loves to sleep on his soft blanket and loves his bedtime snack! He is doing really well here and it’s only our 2nd day!
11/8/2015 Update: Jaxson has done wonderful this week! He lets us know when he needs to go outside, he stands at the back door. He hasn’t marked anything in the house! He loves to follow his foster mommy around the house, anywhere I go, he goes. Jaxson isn’t fond of exercising, although he does like to be outside when it feels nice. He absolutely loves attention and will paw you when he wants you to talk to him. He has done great so far with other dogs and cats as well as babies & kids! Jaxson will be a perfect furbaby for anyone looking for a sweet, loving bully!
11/15/2015 Update: He has had a great week! He has opened up more this week! He was really excited when he got a new toy, he’s been running all over the living room with it! The fastest I’ve seen him move yet! Every morning he comes and sits by his foster momma while she gets ready for work. Every night Jaxson gets brushed, as soon as he sees his brush he puts his paws up and is ready for you!
Jaxson will be the best “little” furfriend you will ever need!
11/22/2015 Update: There is not much to update this week on Jaxson, except to just so how much we enjoy and love him. I cannot express how sweet and loving Mr. Jaxson is! He has manners, gets along with everyone, wants to sit in your lap, or right next to you, loves to be brushed, loves his treats, loves his toys & blankets! He is not a high maintenance dude at all. If you are looking for a furbaby to keep you warm this winter, and then to be right by your side watching baseball this summer, Jaxson is your man! He loves to snuggle and relax! If you don’t mind his snoring that is!

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