Squishy is a 1 yr. old male that weighs 70 lbs.
Squishy joined rescue today as an owner surrender. His owner has had major changes and was unable to give Squishy the life he deserves. He will be making a quick stop at the clinic and then on to his foster home. Stay tuned for more details as we learn more about this guy.
11/8/2015 Update: Squishy is a funny big boy. We went a few days without eating, but we are on track now. New sounds either scare him or makes him bark and growl. Lol. He has sertled in just fine with our crew with no problems. He is a good wtch dog. He barks at anyone near the house that he sees, and at night any headlights or strange noises. No accidents in the house, and he perfers to sleep on the couch. We do not crate.
11/15/2015 Update: Update on Squishy aka Bruno (Bruno is a person who can charm any girl he wants. He is like an ultimate player. He doesn’t have to be sexy to get women) hahaha… that is our boy.
Sorry guys but Squishy just didn’t work for this boy. He is a lover, he will steal your heart with just a glance. He is the perfect gentleman. He is potty trained and gets along with our crew of dogs. He is happy to lay on the ottoman and watch football, or to go on a walk and take in everything around him.
Today we gave him a bath and he wasn’t bad, he stood there and let us really clean him. But it was not his favorite thing to do on a Sunday.
We are working on our manners. He know sit, but he thinks he is a 10lb dog when it comes to running into you and jumping at you. But he is learning. He will bark at anyone that comes near the house, or at anyone that he doesn’t recognize. I came out of the shower with a towel on my head and he started barking and letting me know there was something strange on my head that he didn’t recognize. LOL But soon figures out it was not a threat.
He does seem to have a small chewing problem. With all his toys, he has still decided that he needs to redesign our molding around the doors and a few other wood items in the house. We let him know that he is not a beaver, he is a bulldog, he is just confused as they both start with “b”.

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