Tank II is a 20 month old male that weighs 70 lbs.
Tank II joined Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue today as an owner surrender. Due to a change is his family’s financial situation, they had to make the difficult decision to give me a home that they knew they couldn’t provide. Tank II is will visit the clinic this week to get neutered and get a check-up. Once that is complete, he will join his foster family and then his forever family. With his handsome mug it shouldn’t take him any time at all to find the perfect family.
8/2/2015 Update: Tank came into rescue this past week and has been learning the ropes in his new foster home. Tank is a BIG young boy that wants to be at your heels at all times. He is a perfect gentleman in the house and has never had an accident. He loves to go on walks but doesn’t much care for being outside without his people. Tank is very dog friendly but doesn’t really play with the other pups very much. He mostly enjoys sitting next to his person with his favorite toy in his mouth. What Tank would want most in life is someone who would let him sleep in the bed with them because he LOVES to cuddle while falling asleep.
Tank is mildly epileptic and will need to be on medication for his seizures the rest of his life. He has not had a seizure since he has been in rescue so we do not know how severe they are. Other than that, Tank is a healthy and happy Babyboy.
8/9/2015 Update: Tank is a character. He has perfect house manners and has yet to have an accident in the house or chew on anything he was not supposed to. He is very dog and cat friendly and on the submissive side. Tank loves to just sit there and look at you with his adoring eyes; it makes you melt every time. He is such a beautiful boy with a heart of gold. We have found out that Tank doesn’t like to be picked up, which isn’t a big deal because he is so big he can jump in and out of the car or on the couch or the bed (basically wherever he wants to be). Tanks have some slight separation anxiety and has to be taken outside, he just doesn’t see the necessity of going outside without his people. If he can see you, but cannot touch you, he will let you know how upset that makes him. We really love Tank and he will make the right family a perfect companion one day
8/30/2015 Update: What can we say about Mr. Tank II? Well it is all good for starters. He has learned that being touched on his sides is a good thing. He loves to play tug-of-war, ALOT! He also is getting more comfortable with going outside by himself to potty. He just wants to hang out and be where you are. He loves going in the bathroom in the morning and looking at himself in the mirror, I would to if I had a beautiful mug like his. He is such a big lovable boy. Loves belly scratches and lots of kisses. They have added a new medication to help control his seizures.

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