Amos is a 5 yr. old male that weighs approximately 58lbs.
.Move over Famous Amos, a new sweetness has come to town! Cuddling with this boy is better than a glass of milk and freshly baked cookies. Amos is an owner surrender that is 5 years old and weighs in at 55 lbs. You will not be able to resist his lovable mug, sweet nature and his need to be right by your side. He loves his crate and he improves every day on his house training. He gets along perfectly with his foster sisters and brother, preferring to let them be the boss while he flops on his back, waiting patiently for his belly rub. Amos has not shown any food aggression or any toy aggression, behaving like a perfect little gentleman. Even though he has not been kid-tested, with his laid back nature, we feel he would have no problem having a two-legged sibling. You can have all of this from Amos, and none of the carbs!
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Amos is neutered, current on all vaccinations and on heartworm preventative.
5/29/2015 Update: He joined Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue today as a owner surrender. Previous to joining rescue Amos was living in a barn with two other dogs. Amos has a skin issue that will be addressed and he will be ready to find his new forever home. He is a sweet boy that loves to be near people at all times. He is currently at the clinic getting a check-up and will join his new foster family on Saturday.
6/7/2015 Update: Amos is turning out to be quite the character. At first, he was very calm and quiet, just laying around-but he had just been neutered, so its understandable he wasnít running around the house doing cartwheels. Amos is the whole package. He is five years old, so he can chill out and just chew on a bone to entertain himself or ready for a serious play session, running around, scooping up toys and throwing them around. He is also very stealth-like and you canít hear the freight train coming straight at you, ready to collide and wrestle .And at 60 lbs, you better brace yourself! Amos is doing very well with house training, going several days without an accident. He gets along great with his foster sisters and brother, preferring to let them be the boss. My favorite thing that Amos does is the flop. You just cant resist giving him a good belly scratch when he flops on his back, waving his adorable little paw at you. We began his medicated baths Friday due to having a serious case of flea bites when he lived in a barn, but that will be cleared up in no time.
6/21/2015 Update: Sweet, lovable Amos. He is such a happy go lucky boy. He loves everything: playing, tummy rubs, snacks and naps. Donít ask him to pick which order. He gets along great with his fur siblings and is coming along with house training and some inside manners. Amos is not kid tested, but I feel he would do well with all kinds of families.
6/28/2015 Update:Amos: Sweet, bullie boy, Amos. He loves nothing more than to have his belly rub, and he will give you every opportunity to do so. I dare you to walk by this adorable bulldog and NOT give him a rub. Heís happy to get whatever you want to give. Amos has some skin issues, he has flea-bite scars down by his bum, but it doesnít bother him in the least. He has the typical allergies that most bulldogs have. Benadryl will be in his life forever. We are still working on inside manners, like using his mouth a little too much when heís happy and wants to play. We are working on that. Heís just about house trained, but he is still crated while foster mom is gone so he wont get into trouble, like chewing up a remote. Heís just a good olí boy that would love a family of his own.
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