Update from Chubbs’ foster momma: Chubbs has been with me for almost a week and each day, as he becomes more comfortable, more of his personality comes through. He loves his crate so much that he often doesn’t want to come out. He feels very secure there. He will stand by the door or bark at you when he needs to go out. Chubbs walks nicely on a leash and loves to ride in the car. He is very well behaved.
Overall, with the exception of a few incidents, he gets along well with the rest of my pack (Bloodhound, Chinese Crested and Bulldog). He completely ignores my cat. He likes teenage boys and wants to play fetch, tug-of-war and chase whenever one comes around. So he would probably like a family who will play with him and be more active.
Chubbs is a big boy and can be a bit rough. We are working on his manners, taking treats and waiting on his meals. He does know basic commands and is very motivated by food, so I am using that to my advantage. He is a bit possessive of his toys and his play time and doesn’t like the other dogs to come near when I am cleaning his face, etc. He will snap when they get too close. But I am learning his triggers and working on those things.
We went to Hope’s event on Saturday and Chubbs did not handle the activity very well. We stayed for a little over an hour, but he was ready to leave after 5 minutes. He doesn’t like dogs to approach him head on and snapped a few times at the event (at dogs, not people), but that could have been partly due to the stress of all of the activity.
He loves to be scratched all over and will let you know when he wants attention. He is a bit of a drooler and very messy when drinking. I have to keep a mop handy because the floor stays wet a lot.
As you can tell by his pictures, Chubbs has a serious skin infection. He is on antibiotics and prednisone. We have already been back to the vet and they changed his antibiotic. This could take months to fully clear up. He has recently started to scratch and lick his feet, which is causing more hair to fall out. I got some food tips on Saturday, which I am going to try, but any help with the licking would be appreciated. I have been using Vitamin E oil on his scabs (approved by the vet) and keeping it soft seems to help with the itching and urge to scratch.
That’s all for now. I love Chubbs already and believe he is a very sweet boy. He will make some family a wonderful companion.

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