Update from volunteer Dianne: Wheatley, age 1, is a clear example of why some people should never own a dog. Wheatley has spent his last year in a backyard, just waiting for someone to really want a Bulldog. Wheatley is really thin and has some skin issues that need to be addressed, most likely because he’s never been to a vet. He does not know his name and has no idea how a collar and leash are used. All he really wants to do is hide. Wheatley simply “existed” until yesterday. That’s when he was given to a coworker of the owner. The coworker, who also owns a Bulldog, knew he had to save Wheatley the moment he saw him. The gentleman then contacted us… he obviously has a wonderful soul with a passion for Bulldogs and would like to help in any way he can.
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