Update from volunteer Dianne: The call came in on Wednesday. A breeder had turned in a Bulldog that was blind in one eye and could not see out of the other one and she was going to be put to sleep that day. Pearl needed a miracle for sure.
It was the day before Thanksgiving… And at a shelter close to Wichita Falls, Pearl sat in the shelter worker’s lap! Pearl had only a few hours to get out because owner surrenders are put to sleep first and a Bulldog with a handicap had no hope of seeing Thanksgiving. I could hardly stand the shelter worker telling me how sweet the dog was and how she just needed a miracle.
Well, the miracle happened and Pearl boarded the Chihuahua Rescue van and she arrived in Denton in the early afternoon, where Katie met the transport and took her on to Melissa’s home. Pearl spent the day on a fancy bed that Katie bought her, right in front of Melissa’s fireplace!
I saw Pearl today, and Pearl saw me with her one cloudy, dry eye with her fat butt wiggling 90 miles an hour. Rescue has so many wonderful volunteers… one being Katie who stopped baking on Thanksgiving Eve to save Pearl’s life and one being Melissa who took Pearl right into her home that day! Shame on the greedy breeder who used blind Pearl, then decided to throw her away.

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