He's really cute dog. He's settling in slowly. He was quite anxious at first... pacing about. He doesn't like to be left alone. He's smart... can sit and give you his paw. Walks quite well on leash. Doesn't pay any attention to the pig outside or the kitten inside. He's a little defensive of "his" space, but not ...overly so. I think he'd merge in with other dogs once he feels at home. His eye and head tilt are the same. He has depth perception issues because of it, so he does bump into things. I go out on the porch and down the steps with him to make sure he doesn't fall.

He wants to play with toys so bad, but he can't open his mouth more than an inch. He can't really play, but he tries! I did take the water bottle out of a toy and he could finally get a hold of it.The mouth issue makes him a slow and messy eater as well.

He can see fine. It's just the vagus nerve has been damaged by the abcess and causing the eye droop. I think time will heal that fine. That and probably inner ear damage is causing the head tilt and vertigo, but that will probably heal too. It just takes time. You just have to be careful not to lead him too close to something on that side! He will make someone a fine dog when he heals up and hopefully, the nerve repairs! I think he's maybe 5-ish and has personality plus.

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