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  1. Re: Bulldog of the Month ~ Water Bulldogs ~ ENTER HERE!

  2. Re: FAQ: How far and how often do you walk your bulldog(s)?

    We currently live in an apartment so when we de-poop him twice a day, he goes for a small walk. We just take him around the block, which is more than enough. In the summer, of course we go early in...
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    Re: FAQ: Pet Insurance?

    We have had our bulldog insured since we brought him home. It is still quite expensive though. It costs us $90 a month and that is with a $100 deductible. We have barely used it because it doesn't...
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    Re: FAQ: Do you cut your bulldogs nails?

    I get so nervous doing our bulldog's nails because half of his are black and half of them are normal. My husband does them - He will trim the normal colored ones, then he will go by that length for...
  5. Re: FAQ: How many times do you feed your dogs?

    Excluding the treats, our bulldog gets fed twice a day. Once when we wake up and once when I get home from work. He seems quite content with that!

    Michelle & Wesley
  6. Re: FAQ: How much Benadryl can you give your bully?

    We have depended on Benadryl quite a few times over the years when our bullie gets into things he shouldn't. He's 55 pounds and we usually only give him 1 unless it's bad - Then he gets 2. He's...
  7. Re: FAQ: Do you give your bullies supplements? If so, what do you give and how often?

    Our bulldog is turning 6 in November and just this year we have started him on the chewable Glucosamine and Chrondroitin for his joints. He started getting funny with a limp if he lays down too...
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    Re: FAQ: Does Your Bulldog Have Allergies?

    We are pretty lucky with our bulldog - He is an Old English so he doesn't have the deep wrinkles, but he is allergic to the typical things such as blueberries, onion, garlic, corn. Whenever he has...
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