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    Sticky: Re: Our bulldogs~ Then and Now

    118750 Pickle 3 months
    118749 Pickle 7year 3 months
  2. Re: Hello from my 10-week old puppy Bleu Cheese and I!

    Beautiful pupper! Welcome
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    Re: Sharing the couch

    Pickle likes her pillows
    bed time she likes two
  4. Very regal! Congratulations both winners

    Very regal! Congratulations both winners
  5. Re: Just to say hello from rubble, arya and izzy

    Such a wonderful herd of bullies.
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    Re: New boy sits kinda funny...

    118657 This is her seal pose. She sits so many different ways. 118658
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    Reintroduce Pickle

    Itís been awhile since Iíve checked in, so I figured I would send in some pictures of my sweet angel. When I checked in last it was 2015 wow. So here are some updated photos

    118651 118652 118653...
  8. Re: ~ENTER HERE~ Bulldog of the Month ~ BIG FAT BULLY HEADS!

  9. Poll: Re: Daily poll: Does your bulldog do the 'chicken scratch' kick after pooing?

    I call it "spinning her wheels" because she immediately runs as fast as she can away from the area.
  10. Poll: Re: Daily poll: Does your bully(s) have a favorite toy?

    Kongs by far - she has two black ones as well. Pickle will poke me with the Kong until I start to play tug with her.

  11. Poll: Re: Daily poll: Have you ever taken your bully on a road trip?

    We have only gone about 2 hours at the most and she does well. My car on the other hand winds up full of slobber and hair. I do cover her seat but but it still seems to get everywhere. But that's...
  12. Help Needed! Re: Allergy or maybe a yeasty foot? Or ????

    I found that she was given a bunch of rice by a friend who was watching her while I was away. I always get her grain free food but my friend just fed her the same as her dog. I hope that was the...
  13. Help Needed! Re: Allergy or maybe a yeasty foot? Or ????

    Thanks Manydogs, that looks exactly what I see. Off to Walgreens for some supplies.
  14. Help Needed! Allergy or maybe a yeasty foot? Or ????

    Does this look like an allergy or yeasty foot. She seems to get this symptom every now and then but I can figure out what causes it. She does lick it and doesn't really want me to touch it very much....
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    Re: Surgery of the knee post care HELP!

    I use a washer drip pan with some hamster bedding as a litter box for Pickle. It has a small lip but it may work better than stairs.
  16. Help Needed! Re: Bald spots on my 15 week old baby :( What is the cause?

    Pickle has the same thing, we took her to the vet and got a scraping done. She has Demodex mange, like everyone said as the puppy gets older and the immune system gets stronger and will prevent the...
  17. Re: My best friend's youngest child goes to college = sick Pickle.

    Good idea!
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    Re: After :poo: ritual

    Pickle give it the full extended rear leg scratches then runs to me like to say "look what I can do"
  19. My best friend's youngest child goes to college = sick Pickle.

    So my best friend saw her youngest head off for college and she is feeling kinda sad. She's proud but now she has no one to baby at her house, enter Pickle. My friend comes over last night wine glass...
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    Re: Where Bullies lay

    Pickle has several spots depending on the situation. If I'm at work she either sleeps on her couch or in her crate. Yes I said her couch, its in the sunroom where I keep her when I'm not at home....
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    Re: how long for baby teeth?

    She is a big chewer but she never has chewed anything other than her toys or bones. Until the other day ..... while I fell asleep on the couch, right by me she did this :eek:
    52349 I put up the...
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    how long for baby teeth?

    Pickle just turned 9 months and she just spit out a baby tooth :eek:. I thought they were long gone by now. I looked in her mouth and the upper (middle area) teeth are small but I'm not sure if they...
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    Re: Our first trip to the dog park

    Sorry I broke the cardinal rule - I left my phone/camera in the car. But here's a pool picture 48366
    and an after we got back "sleepy" picture 48367.
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    Our first trip to the dog park

    So I want to let the Pickle run free since she has so much energy and my yard is a bit small for her to really run all out. I look up a local dog park and we were off. I packed plenty of water, a...
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    Other Re: Found this in their kibble

    It always amuses me when I have an issue with a resturant or food, they want to give me more of what I had an issue with. I guess that's all they can do.

    or maby has a good idea.
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