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  1. Re: ~ENTER HERE~ March Bulldog of the Month Contest "BIG FAT BULLY HEADS"


    My sweet smooshy face, Sherman.
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    Re: Random patch of "long" fur


    Best I can do with my cellphone. And I don't feel anything under it like a bump. It's just longer than all his other fur and sheds a lot.
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    Random patch of "long" fur

    Strange but true, Sherman has a small patch of fur on his shoulder that is longer than the rest of his fur. It also sheds more than the rest of him.
  4. Poll: Re: How or why did you choose your bulldog's name?

    Sherman was a stray so no one knew what his name had been. My son served in the USMC so I wanted a military name but my son thought otherwise.
    We opted for Sherman the Tank as a compromise. ...
  5. Re: ~ENTER HERE~ January Bulldog of the Month ~ 6th Annual Bulldog Grinch

    Snow on Christmas Eve? Not a fan...
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    Re: Too tired to go potty?

    I usually go out with him in the morning and before bed. Even though he has a dog door, I think it’s important he feels safe outside ( he has very limited eyesight). That said, when it’s raining or...
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    Too tired to go potty?

    Sherman loves to sleep. Some days he sleeps so much he doesnít go to the bathroom! He might go out after dinner and before bed, but doesnít bother all day. He has a dog door so availability isnít an...
  8. Re: ~ENTER HERE~ HOLLY JOLLY Bulldogs Contest ~ Bulldog of the Month

    Sherman is melting with excitement about Christmas!

  9. Bulldog Noises or monster movie soundtrack?

    Sherman makes the craziest noises! Gurgling, growling, snorting- often for no reason I can determine. Iíve never had a dog ďtalkĒ so much. Is this a bulldog thing or just Sherman? Any thoughts on...
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    Re: Constant Licking

    Anyone have a bulldog who goes crazy to lick a person? Sherman loves my 25 year old son and will lick him until my son can’t take it anymore. It’s often a part of play time. He doesn’t do this with...
  11. Re: FAQ: How far and how often do you walk your bulldog(s)?

    Iím laughing at the walk descriptions! Our last two dogs were mini schnauzers and one loved to walk while the other went just to be with her people. Our EB, Sherman, goes a block and is ready for a...
  12. Re: FAQ: What do you use to clean wrinkles and nose ropes?

    Cotton rounds with witch hazel.
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    Sherman the Tank!

    Recently adopted Sherman from a rescue. He was found as a stray by animal control so the only thing we know for certain is he was medically neglected for many years. The great news is he is doing...
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