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  1. Re: ~ENTER HERE~ February Bulldog of the Month "Bulldogs & Families"

    Alistair and his human brother: 103968
  2. Poll: Re: Daily Poll: Does your Bulldog escort you to the bathroom?

    Yes, he follows me there day and night. He seems to have a sensor that wakes him up too at night whenever I get out of bed.
  3. Re: ~ENTER HERE~ Fromm's 2017 BULLDOG STYLE New Year's Resolutions contest!

    Alistair's New Year's Resolution is to play nicely with his human brothers and steal less toys, mittens and biscuits. 103358
  4. Re: ~ENTER HERE~ January Bulldog of the Month ~ Baby.... It's Cold Outside!

    Alistair in his winter coat. 103326
  5. Re: ~ENTER HERE~ October Bulldog of the Month ~ Toofs & Fangs Contest!

    Alistair is still a baby here, growing big boy teeth.
  6. Re: ~ENTER HERE~ September 2016 Bulldog of the Month ~ Totally Tongue Tied Bulldogs

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    Poll: Re: Daily poll: Does your bulldog eat grass?

    Alistair usually eats just few leaves of grass at once but sometimes really munches on cut grass.
  8. Poll: Re: Daily Poll: Have you ever tripped over or stepped on your bulldog?

    I stepped on Alistair's toes just 10 minutes ago in kitchen. He was suddenly behind me when I turned. I apologized, he did not say anything.
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    Re: ~ENTER HERE~ Bulldog of the Month ~ Lazy Bulldogs

    This kind of laziness happened in the narrow bit between bed and wardrobe.

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    Poll: Re: Daily Poll: How Friendly is your Bulldog?

    Alistair loves all people and animals. Not all other dogs like him, though. Such an eager little tank as he is, he got his first bad bite from another dog on his 7 months birthday. Now I know I have...
  11. Re: ~ENTER HERE~ Bulldog of the Month Contest ~ Water Bulldogs


    Our Alistair and his boy by river in spring.
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    Re: Hello and some puppy questions from new member

    Thank you all for replies and good advice. I understand people here recommend Fromm, but I don't think it is available in this country, at least I have not seen. I'm probably going to try Acana, it...
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    Hello and some puppy questions from new member

    Hello to everyone on this site. I'm a fresh English bulldog owner from Estonia. I got Alistair a bit more than a month ago when he was 3 months old. He is such a sweetheart and we feel so lucky to...
  14. Thread: Hello from KS!

    by Roosi

    Re: Hello from KS!

    Hello! I am also new. Also a new (and proud) bulldog owner. My puppy Alistair is 4 months old. Hoping to meet other bulldogs and their people here.
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