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    Sticky: Re: Signs of Allergies in Dogs

    I believe our Tate has allergies. We haven't had her long and she's around 5, but she's constantly rubbing her back on the floor and on the edges of furniture. She's licking her paws and other areas...
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    Re: Fromm's or Taste of the wild

    What's scary to me is one of the local bully rescues told me to get TOTW when I got my english bully. Wonder why she's so adamant about it when there appears to be other brands far better in the same...
  3. Re: New English Bulldog owner from Cincinnati

    Thank you everyone! Tate is roughly 5 years old. That's what her previous human stated. They told me she was fixed. However, she has no tattoo marking. I took her to the vet. There is a scar there...
  4. Re: New English Bulldog owner from Cincinnati

    I think the snap at my wife is more of a "get away or i'll bite" thing. She could have easily bitten my wife each time I think but she has yet to make contact. So it seems to be a warning out of...
  5. Re: New English Bulldog owner from Cincinnati

    Yeah the vet did say she was about a couple pounds underweight. We're working on that for sure!
  6. New English Bulldog owner from Cincinnati

    Hey everyone! My family and I are new English Bulldog owners in Cincinnati, OH. We got her (Tate...Her name was Tater from the original human but we shortened it to Tate) from a not-so-great...
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