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    Re: Chain reaction

    Hilarious! I think he had some vivid dream about marking territory!
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    Re: Chunk of paw pad is gone!

    I think he first got his skin thickened because of something (it formed like a dry blister), because pad around looks whitish. I think it was kind of hyperkeratosis, and then it just broke because it...
  3. Re: Be Careful Which CBD product you pick for your dog

    Hey, guys, come on, everybody in America uses Round Up for everyday weeding on their lawns! If you don’t use it, your hOA garden team does! And absolutely USA agriculture runs on Round Up...
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    Re: Summer photos

    aah, I forgot that Santa comes on special sleigh pulled by special Christmas bulldogs to bulldog homes:D
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    Re: Summer photos

    Castor, you ate a reindeer?!! Shame on you, Santa Claus won’t come to you this year:fie:
  6. Thread: Runt pup

    by Lalaloopsie

    Re: Runt pup

    Don’t worry too much about the size, he can catch up in the future, and if he won’t and will stay on the smaller side you can always think about those mini- bulldogs breeders try to get and which...
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    Re: Celebrate Life

    Oh what a sweet memorial your uncle made! He is very talented! Sending you hugs and prayers!
  8. Re: How do you know when itís your dogs time ?

    OMG, God bless you and your family in this difficult time! I cried reading your story. From what you describe time to make a sad decision is very close. Try to figure out if she is in pain. If you...
  9. Re: English bulldog puppy looks a little different?

    And energy...don’t believe that all bulldogs are couch potatoes, NEVER! My bulldog is very active and makes me tired with his activities. Have to restrict him otherwise he will kill himself.
  10. Re: English bulldog puppy looks a little different?

    Nancy was an adorable baby, we would love to see her grown up current pictures please!
    You know, within one litter some puppies are classified like having dog show potential, because their looks is...
  11. Re: English bulldog puppy looks a little different?

    Your puppy looks good from the purebredness point of view, I cannot see any signs of other dogs bloodline in her. I can presume that you might want her face to be a bit wider and head rounder...
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    Re: Meet our foster!!!

    God bless you for your kindness!
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    Re: stevia for human

    From the list of content - carbohydrates are 14 gram per cup. First of all, there is natural milk sugar in yogurt, around 4-5 grams per 100 gram of yogurt. So, it gives us around 8-9 grams per 150 ml...
  14. Re: Intimidated and overwhelmed with home cooked meals online

    Also, I can tell you 100% that “saliva” allergy test is not informative. It will be a waste of money.
  15. Re: Intimidated and overwhelmed with home cooked meals online

    My friends like to try my dogs food and say it tastes good, just needs to add some salt and spice or curry!:yes:
  16. Re: Intimidated and overwhelmed with home cooked meals online

    Great idea! I homecook for my 3 yo bulldog and he has no allergies! At the moment I use recipe with beef. I cook 2 times a week (because currently waiting for my big pot to arrive), but it’s...
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    Re: Skull X Rays with Anesthesia?

    Not an easy choice with a 10 yo bulldog. To be honest, I would ask them - what they will recommend if as a result of X-ray they find a tumour- which is quite a possibility, frankly speaking, I don’t...
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    Re: Nyala n Jake

    So happy everything went well! It’s natural that he sounds loud now, as everything inside where incisions and stitches are is very swollen. It will take several days until swelling reduces and he...
  19. Thread: RECALL....

    by Lalaloopsie

    Re: RECALL....

    All these treats are not for bulldogs. Except from being made badly, size and texture is dangerous. May be other dogs patiently chew and swallow little pieces, but not the bulldogs! They just gulp it...
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    Re: OTC yeast tablets

    All medicines you mentioned except for vetalog which is steroid, are antibiotics. I don’t know what did doctors treat in your case with them, but it is very common to develop yeast infection after...
  21. Re: ~ENTER HERE~ July 2019 Bulldog of the Month "CUTEST BULLY BOOTY"

    Oh, Castor you’re dangerous ferocious hunter:D i wonder what you’re gonna do in case you pull out a bunny - lick him to death? :D
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    Re: collapsible water dish

    I put water bottle in the corner of Tank’s mouth and slowly pour. Water gets just under side of his tongue and he swallows absolutely perfectly. I don’t need any bowls. Try this trick.
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    Re: How to rescusitate an EB

    Thank you so much! Loveliest (and absolutely useful) video ever, what a sweet baby girl she is! Whatever doctor does to her she tolerates! And gives her kisses when she gives her blows in the nose!...
  24. Re: Death Penalty for Truck betcha!

    What a miserable piece of crap is that woman! Hope she will rot in prison for what she did to that poor guy and his dog. To lock poor animal in the car in Florida sun...I wish she could be locked in...
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    Re: Dukeís in the Emergency

    OMG, I wish I never read this, so sad and makes me so angry! So basically what happened they fucked up - they let him wake up with the breathing tube and poor boy started to fight to get it out...
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