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Thread: Interesting article on raw feeding- why precautions needed

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    Default Re: Interesting article on raw feeding- why precautions needed

    Quote Originally Posted by RiiSi View Post
    I have pretty much lost all confidence in so called scientific studies and scientist. "Scientists" are lead and controlled by money and their own prejudices.
    I lost all confidence decades ago. Just like in humans being told by all these doctors for decades eat low fat, sugar free, eat little meat, stay away from seafood....and now that the planet has proved that theory by doing the opposite with Keto diet or a low carb diet. Dramatically the weight comes off fast, no more diabetes, full of energy because you’re eating good fats etc n little carbs. Why now doctors/scientists cannot go against keto or low carb diets cause there’s so much evidence people are much healthier.

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    Default Re: Interesting article on raw feeding- why precautions needed

    Makes my head spin... but you can’t argue the fact that grain/carbs just are not needed for any ‘body’. Veggies, fruits and meats ... as for raw for me— no way, everything meat/seafood is cooked

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