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Thread: Coop Raw

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    Default Coop Raw

    I was referred to Texas Tripe here in Texas for their raw products. So I purchased 30lbs and started using it coming from Primal raw. I ordered 10lbs of their turkey blend, 10lbs of their beef blend and 10lbs of their wolf Run blend which is tripe, and beef blend. The beef she did ok on but it ran right through her and caused very bad gas. The turkey she likes but after the 2nd feeding she had bright red blood coming from her backside so I'm assuming a bone sliver may have cut her on the way out. That and the turkey ran through her also and was very mushy. I gave her some of the tripe/beef blend and she ate it but didn't tear into it like the other flavors so I assume the tripe she didn't care for. My main observation was she did really well on primal, no gas, solid poop but is almost $200 per month to stay with it. The raw from TT was close to $65 for the 30lbs but she doesnt seem to do as well on it. Do you guys suggest adding something to the TT blend in order to stiffen up her poop? Im getting tired of wiping her butt every time LOL... any suggestions would be appreciated. Any reviews of Texas Tripe would be great as well...

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    Default Coop Raw

    Do you know if they're adding anything extra in the blends, other than the protein? Also, what do you mean the beef went right through her? Runny poops or is it only the gas you're concerned about? With the turkey and the blood, since the blood is red in colour, it means that she may be straining when she poops. It would be dark red blood if her insides were irritated. For my guys, their poop is always more solid with the turkey, mainly due to the ratio of bone to meat content. Turkey generally has a lot more bone than beef. Sometimes, I would add tripe or anything boneless such as pork heart or tongue to the turkey blend to soften their stools.

    I'm wondering if you're switching the proteins too quickly. Is it correct to assume that she's tried all those meat types before?
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    Default Re: Coop Raw

    I found when first feeding TT products that if I left them in the freezer for a few weeks, the dogs seem to tolerate them better. They would not even touch the wild boar mixture; and were reluctant on the Wolf Run and the Bully Blend. My only thought is that they're super fresh as they make the stuff close to delivery. I've found that super fresh raw food always is offputting to my dogs. Either they stick their nose in the air or eat it unwillingly or break with diarrhea. I rotate my supply around so that I'm not always feeding the same mfr products, too...i go between Nature's Variety, Blue Ridge Beef, Bravo, and Texas Tripe products. My favorite tripe is greentripe.com, but we're having a hard time getting a buy together here in Colorado. So I've been using BRB's and TT's tripe. The BRB is very finely ground which I don't like; and the TT is the closest "looking" to greentripe.com. The .com has a product called Xkalibur which has trachae added that I like the looks of and the dogs like and tolerate well.

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    Default Re: Coop Raw

    Just found this on the web...maybe their product won't be as freshly frozen now...huge storage facility they now have.

    Texas Tripe Company Puts BuildBlock ICFs to the Test

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    Default Re: Coop Raw

    Do you guys know exactly what they're putting (and how much of it) in their raw blends? I mean beef could mean a lot of things, including parts we would never give or eat.

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    Default Re: Coop Raw

    Try one meat at a time.
    Turkey is a safer bet as compared to beef (any poultry is better than red meat to start with)
    If stools are bright red, then it is anal bleeding.
    Dark red is worrisome; look out for it.

    Powdered egg shells help is firming up poop. No nutritional value though.


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