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Thread: Beef - but no bones?

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    Default Beef - but no bones?

    Hello ! I recently started my bulldog on a beef and vegetable raw diet created by a local meat packer. The beef doesn't contain any bones - we were told the shards are apparently too heavy for dogs to digest and too also too large, which may pose as a choking hazard. The turkey and chicken diets do contain bone, but unfortunately our dog has a chicken allergy (possibly all poultry).

    He only started the diet this week but his poop is extremely soft and wet looking. I'm trying to determine if this is normal for dogs just starting off on raw food, or whether its because of the lack of bones contained in the beef.

    Is anyone else feeding their dog beef? If so, what is your way around the bones issue?


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    Default Re: Beef - but no bones?

    So what does that food contain for calcium if not bone. When starting raw feeding if could cause loose stools, but no bone could cause that too. We get ground beef here and it does not cause any problems. Have you fed him raw chicken? A lot of times dogs that are allergic to chicken in kibble can eat it raw.

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    Default Re: Beef - but no bones?

    One of my guys was reacting to all brands and flavour of kibble but can eat any raw meat without any problems. I agree, try and see if Bosco can eat raw chicken, the chances of him being allergic is rare.

    As for the beef, I get mine prepped by a raw feeder who has a store. She has a grinder that's able to grind the edible beef bones. Before we found her, we were using bones from other proteins, such as chicken, turkey, duck,etc, to include with the boneless beef meals. Can't recall how I came across the store, most likely researched online. Even if they're a couple of hours away, we would make the drive and buy enough to last us a few months.

    I need to add too that all birds are not the same ie. if one is allergic to chicken, they may be ok with duck or Turkey.

    Hope that helps! Good luck!
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