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Thread: Detailed Raw

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    Default Detailed Raw

    Dear All,

    I am having problem on adjusting my raw diet to 15 months pup.
    I now have a 4 month pupps.

    I do like to go in raw for good to both of them.

    but heres are my questions as there are not raw diet options available (already made - only 1 ad I do not like it)
    So I decided to make my own.

    Could you give me the recipe by weight of what to put it. also having problems here to grind the bones
    Also curious on how to adjust vitamins along with it ?

    Only problem is that we may be allergic to chicken. never tried and do not want to.

    thanks for any help

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    Default Re: Detailed Raw

    You can find as many ways to feed raw as there are feeders. That is why I always advice beginners to but a book about raw feeding. Then you have a clear base line what to follow. Also google "dogaware raw feeding" to find great info, also about feeding raw without bone.

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