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Thread: Average prices you pay

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    Default Average prices you pay

    Hello my fellow raw-er's! Just placed an order today for a box o'backs and gizzies and was just wondering what the going rate ya'll paid for your bullies raw goodies? Mine was $.89/lb for both.

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    Default Re: Average prices you pay

    Chicken backs? Normally I can get them for 5 pieces for $1. Unsure of how heavy the bag is though.

    Chicken gizzards alone can cost about $1.50 over here. $.89 is a bargain!
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    Default Re: Average prices you pay

    I can get chicken backs for 69 cents a pound here at the local butcher. Gizzards for 99 cents.

    I budget 99 cents a pound on average for my dogs. I can get whole fryer chicken for 69 cents a pound at Restaurant Depot over here (without giblets) and beef hearts, pork shoulder, and whole turkey for 99 cents a pound at the local butcher. Beef Liver and kidney usually runs at $1.39 a pound. And being close to the ocean, my boys go out and catch English Whiting for the cost of the worms.

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