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Thread: Green tripe question

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    Good to know! Thanks @savemejeebus I hope it does since her pills are $80 each time.
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    Default Re: Green tripe question

    So, I finally got to the green tripe 2 weeks ago... and... I took out the tripe to thaw (10 lb package)... but I left it on the table next to the chest freezer in our outdoor patio and completely forgot about it and let the dogs out into the patio... All that was left of the tripe was a little bit of the plastic. All 3 dogs ate 10lbs of tripe in one go... complete with plastic packaging...

    So yeah, my dogs have had green tripe but I still couldn't tell you how much it REALLY stinks once it's defrosted...

    I had an interesting time picking out plastic packaging out of their poop. Interestingly, only Angus poop went watery. Bullie had soft-serve but not too bad poop. Gizmo (15lb Bichon) had firm poop but there was sooo much of it - it was bigger than Bullie's poop (60lb Bulldog). If I didn't see him poop it out I wouldn't have believed all that came from that tiny dog!
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