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Thread: Beef hearts for $1.01/lb including sales tax. SCORE!

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    Default Beef hearts for $1.01/lb including sales tax. SCORE!

    Yes, it's not grass-fed beef... but, my furkids did not have problems with the beef hearts I've been giving them for snacks ($1.59/lb). And the local butcher (he now knows I'm using his meats for dog food, lol!) told me I can get as many hearts as I want for a buck a pound, and I'm like, Yeah Man!

    So, what's the cheapest beef-anything you've been able to score? By the way, I'm cooking the skinkids some hearts too...

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    Default Re: Beef hearts for $1.01/lb including sales tax. SCORE!

    I can get beef hearts for about same price, I feued alot of turkey hearts as they are only .40 per e02

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