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    Hi, hows you guys. I don't have any [url=bulldog[/url] and want to have an American breed. But little bit
    concerned about the feeding. I mean, what food is preferable for bulldogs, frozen or raw? We
    know that raw food contains millions of bacteria. What do you think about it?
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    Default Re: raw food question

    Hi and welcome!

    Our pets stomachs can handle a lot more than us. As you may have noticed, they groom and lick other dogs and even eat poop with no problems at all. There's a variety of raw food that you can feed, some come ground and prepackaged. For my clan, they eat meat from grocery stores, such as chicken quarters, whole ducks, beef parts, etc.

    Here's a thread on how to start and if you have any more questions, don't be afraid to ask!
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    Default Re: raw food question

    My Emma, english bully, eats raw beef, chicken and turkey, raw veg and fruit, raw (orgainic) eggs, salmon or sardines. Her coat is beautiful, no tear stains, no more skin allergies, it has saved her life. She used to be very sickly, losing her hair, awful, tried the vet deal, nothing helped. Did research, barf diet, I will never feed commcial dog food to any dog again. If you freeze the raw meat, that kills the nasty stuff. I put it all together, 1 serving in freezer sandwich bags, take several days out in refrigerator, there is her meal, meat and veg together. for the first year, on her raw diet, I had her checked for parasites and blood tests, every 3 months, just to make sure all was okay, never had any parasites or problems. Several other bully owners, are now using it, firm believers in it.

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    Would always advocate raw,I have never had a problem with germs,and to be honest I have not heard of any dog getting sick through raw feeding,on the other hand I have read about kibble fed dogs getting sick due to infected kibble,and with kibble recalls then I would not feed it ,but everyone feeds what they believe is best for their dogs,I've seen my bulldog dig up a bone that has been in the ground for a few weeks and eat it with no Ill effects so yes they are built to deal with any parasites and germs,some freeze pork but if it's pork fit for humans then I don't see the need for freezing,karen

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    Default Re: raw food question

    You'd be surprised what a dog can handle!! My dog does MUCH better on raw than she ever did on kibble. And she actually LIKES eating now.
    The only time I would even worry about a piece of raw meat was if it smelled rancid. And if that's the don't feed it to the dog, lol.

    I've only been feeding raw maybe 4 months now, and I've learned a ton and I can guarantee you I won't go back to kibble. Raw just has SO many benefits.

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