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Thread: Raw Diet...What Kind of Meat and How Much?

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    Default Re: Raw Diet...What Kind of Meat and How Much?

    the thing with raw is learn to walk before you learn to run,i say this as a lot of dog owners make the mistake of rushing the dog which usually leads to runs and then they blame the raw and stop feeding it,stick to 1 protien and go slow remember it can take months of raw to sort out health problems if there are any,good luck im sure you will both enjoy this way of feeding,karen

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    Quote Originally Posted by roxNjames View Post
    Aren't chicken bones and what not fatal for dogs in general? I've grown up and told this my whole life. And compared to a high end kibble diet (taste of the wild) to a basic raw diet (chicken and green tripe) is the raw more expensive?
    To answer your question, no RAW chicken bones are soft and pliable and perfectly fine for a dog to eat, especially after their stomach acids adjust to raw food. COOKED bones however should never be given to dogs.

    In terms of raw and kibble comparisons, it really depends on the dog and the owner. Most raw feeders have dogs with allergies and other medical problems that require being able to control everything that goes into your dog. As an owner of 2 dogs that had some reactions to kibble (but not severe) I'm just so pleased with the overall benefits. Less poop, less gas, more energy, clear skin, shiny coats, no bulldog breath, etc.

    Price wise, yes, at the beginning it is more expensive. Once you wrap your head around it, do your research, and make connections; either w. local butchers, hunters, or co-ops, then it is the same price if not cheaper than kibble. It depends on if the benefits outweighs the effort it takes for you, and if your dog is uncomfortable on its current diet.

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