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Thread: Overloaded with food info... Have to choose raw or high end commmercial...

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    Default Re: Overloaded with food info... Have to choose raw or high end commmercial...

    @Lindathedogsmaid - I keep seeing this "great 4 life" dog food mentioned. Is this a reference to Great Life dog food? I can't seem to find one called "great 4 life." Also, if I am feeding my dog a high quality grain free kibble (that isn't Fromm or "great 4 life") and has no guarantee of pre or pro biotics, is adding a hefty teaspoon of non fat yogurt enough? Or doesn't yogurt only carry probiotics? Where would you get the prebiotics if you needed to add them to your dog's diet? - As much info on this topic would help me greatly - Although it's not cheap the Great Life dog food that I found online in search of "great 4 life" seems like a good food as it's grain free and potato free (which is something I'm looking for since since reading on threads about the possible connection with yeast and potato, if true) with what appear to be some raw freeze dried ingredients. If I end up with a food that guarantees pre and pro biotics, is it still ok to add the spoonful of yogurt? Samson really likes the yogurt. I started him out on TOTW and he was doing fine up to approx. 8 months when allergies and/or yeast started creeping in. Since he's always been grain free I'm thinking that he has an issue with lamb (for many reasons), possibly but maybe not chicken, and/or potato. We did Nature's 4ariety Instinct Salmon, but he hates it and refuses to eat it. We're now on Dogswell Nutrisca and he seems to like it, but is kind of gassy and poops approx 3 times a day more or less with different consistency depending the time of day. Plus I know they don't add and pre or pro biotics. I know this is pretty much a raw food thread. I'm extremely interested in going raw, but it's not really a realistic option for me right now as money is somewhat tight and primarily due to the fact that I'm in an apartment building right now as freezer space, food grinding, etc. could all be an issue, I'd much rather keep it simple at this point in time and just find the best kibble to suit his needs. Any info any members can add to aid me and Samson in our epic quest for (his) perfect dog food would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Overloaded with food info... Have to choose raw or high end commmercial...

    I suggest you read a book by Dr. Ian Billinghurst Grow your pups with bones. He is more the less the father of Barf. You can find a lot of information from the internet but not everything is valid information. When you have the basic information from a reliable source you can use the information from net better. I trust and follow Billinghursts methods and my Usko is really doing well with them and I'd never feed him kibble any more. With raw it is easier to really know what you're feeding your dog. I don't trust what is written on the side of a kibble bag. Just a few weeks ago I heard of a dog dying because of the "high end" -kibble he was fed. There was too much of the poison that enhances the protein. Meaning that there is some of it anyway...

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