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Thread: For those with cats

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    *sigh* I was hoping since she went a year without going into heat that she wouldn't for at least a couple more weeks . We are really considering crating her during the day and letting her out at night when tank is in his own crate although we are concerned about him marking where she was laying. He got a early bed time because of it.. we have a spare Xl crate in the garage so she would have plenty of room for litter box, food and water and to be able to move around. At this point I'm thinking it might be our best option for her safety and our sanity....... and that way we will know she don't accidently get out of the house...

    I'm going to call the vet that's doing her spay in the morning and see what he suggests about her surgery the 5th

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    Better to be safe .. than sorry!!

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    Thanks guys for the replys. Shes been meowing all evening. My son said shes singing jingle bells lol. My daughter was completely appalled that tank was licking the cats butt and said he needs a counselor... oh the joys of animals and kids lol

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