Hello, my name is Truffle! I am an energetic, sweet, loving girl who loves belly rubs, snacks, and bath time (no really, I do!!) ...and I’m barely 10 months old! I am a survivor and deserve the best home ever! Look at my sweet face!!

I am still young and will need someone with patience to help me learn my manners, but I almost have the hang of it. I love swimming and playing at the dog park and would love a home with a brother or sister pup to wrestle with (cats are OK too) …did I mention I LOVE to play!? I’ll need a little exercise to burn off some energy, and I am still learning to sleep through the night without a potty break, but I’ll stay in my crate while you are away (just don’t leave me for too long, OK?!)

I’ve had a rough past, and get a little scared around new things and sounds, but I just need you to let me know it’s OK when I get nervous. I love meal-time, and I’m a good girl when you give me treats and toys. But most of all I just want to find my perfect forever home, so I can be around my family and get lots of love, cuddles and treats too!!

Truffle would do best with:
•Another dog that likes to play

•Someone who stays or works from home, is home often, or can come home during the day to let her out.

•Someone who is somewhat active, and a home with a yard, or someplace to go for walks (she has LOTS of energy!)

•Someone who has had a puppy…she is still working on her house-training, so she still has accidents in the house and needs to go out often. (She also still pees in her crate, I think as a result of basically living in a crate previously.) She also still chews on things that are not toys and needs watched to make sure she doesn’t eat something that could make her sick.

• May need artificial tears for life because of cherry eye surgery. She’s currently on veterinary prescription similar to Optimmune.

Other Notes:
•We have trained her to go in her crate and be quiet with peanut butter in her Kong toy, so she is very happy to go in her crate in the morning with that.

•She does not seem to have any food allergies as of yet, but is on a grain-free bison kibble meal for her main diet.

•She should definitely be on a harness when out for walks, when she gets spooked by something she’ll back up and pull away, so she can slip out of a collar very easy in a panic.

•A lot of random things seem to scare her, but nothing specific seems to trigger her, so she’ll need some help desensitizing to things.

•She can jump very well, so she should be watched in yards with short fences.

•She likes to sleep in bed with you, but still doesn’t sleep all night. It takes a minute for her to settle down, and she still wakes up early in the morning to go out.

If you are ready for love and have room in your heart and home, Truffle is ready for her forever happy life!

Adoption donation is: $800.00

All adopters must live in Ohio, or within a 2 hour driving distance of the border.

We do not adopt out to families with children under 8 years old.

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How To Adopt:

Please view the adoption process and fill out an application at their website ---> rescueohioenglishbulldogs.org

To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> Rescue Ohio English Bulldogs

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