Intake Date: 6-7-18
Last Update: 11-27-18
Date Available: 11-27-18
Age: unknown estimated 4-6
DOB: unknown
Gender: Female
Energy Level: moderate
Color & Markings: Brindle and white
Good with other dogs: Yes!
Good with cats: not sure but suspect sheíd be fine
Good with kids: BBR Policy states no children under the age of 8+. Given Sashaís special needs (IBD) we feel it best she only go to a home with older teens or no children
Object aggression: none
Special Needs: Inflammatory bowel disease - requires special diet and prednisone daily
Medications: prednisone
Crate Trained: yes
House Trained: somewhat
Physical Fence Required: no
Adoption donation: $375​

My Ideal Home: Sasha: defender, helper of mankind......ok ok they got it half right anyway! Iím certainly no defender - Iím as gentle as can be! I love to be with my humans, but especially my foster dog siblings - and I can brighten anyoneís day so I guess that makes me helper of mankind.

When I came to BBR from a puppy mill, they suspected I might be incontinent; i was covered in 💩! Turns out, I have IBD, which is just like what some humans can get. Itís not very fun 😏 and I get very embarrassed by this but I cannot help it. With the help of my foster family and my vet/bbr team, we hope to have found just the right regiment for me to help keep my IBD under control. Now, thatís not to say I wonít have accidents or setbacks, but with the right amount of love and patience, they say Iíll do just fine! Iíve come a long way. Oh! And look at my eyes! I went to a specialist and had my eyes corrected for entropian so I can see now! I feel like such a puppy since my eyes were fixed.

When I first came in, it was hard for me to feel safe but now that I do, and I can see, Iíve really blossomed. I love to try to initiate play with my foster siblings. Foster mom worries, though, bc theyíre a quite a bit smaller than me, and older. I really hope to find someone who has another dog that I can play with. Having been a mill dog and all, other dogs are my happy place.

Wonít you open your home to a sweet, playful girl like me? Iíd love to show you what the true meaning of rescue is all about.

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