Intake Date: October 2, 2015
Last Update: October 18, 2015
Date Available: December 29, 2015
Age: 3yrs
DOB: 03/03/2012
Gender: female
Weight: 41lbs
Energy Level: moderate/high; seems to enjoy the outdoors.
Color & Markings: white w/brindle spots on her back, upper and lower back areas
Good with other dogs: Yes, but working on her manners when it comes to sharing toys
Good with cats: has had little exposure, wanted to chase them
Good with kids: So far she has been good with kids
Object Aggression: bones/toys w/other dogs; she has even growled and lunged at other dogs when they walked by her cage when she had a bone in it - not bothered people touching, removing or holding her bones when she chews them. She likes to hoard and hide bones also.
Special Needs: Skin folds need to be cleaned regularly.
Crate Trained: yes, doesn't always like being in the crate
House Trained: yes - her potty cues are very subtle and she will go in the house if you miss them.
Physical Fence Required: Yes, she does not like vehicles and goes on alert mode when they are in operation around her. She would most likely chase a car, lawn mower, or bike if given the opportunity.
Adoption donation: TBD

My ideal home would be: a place where someone takes her for walks; play with her, she is good at fetching bones, balls and other toys; & take her for car rides. Daisy likes to sleep in the bed, she has a loud snore. Daisy would probably do better in an area with less traffic or in the country. Daisy craves attention from her pack, both 4 and 2 legged. She is affectionate and very sweet.

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