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Thread: ~Gracie~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Ohio

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    Default ~Gracie~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Ohio


    Please meet Gracie! She is a beautiful, 40 pound red English bulldog with white markings. Gracie came to BBR as an owner surrender due to not getting along with the small dog in her previous home. When Gracie came to us, she had some issues with fear aggression and did NOT like anyone to touch her booty! After seeing our vet, he saw she had a badly infected tail and it was immediately removed. Since having her tail removed, Gracie has improved on so many levels in her foster home.

    Gracie has certainly blossomed into a sweet girl who LOVES attention! She likes to cuddle, and doesn’t mind kisses at all. She really loves people in general, and will go right up to someone new and introduce herself. Since having her tail removed, she enjoys butt scratches and will back her booty right into you to let you know. Gracie can be quite active at times, and really enjoys running around the yard and leash walks; she will also let you know when she is done and ready for a nap. Gracie is a very good listener, and will stay by your side.

    Gracie had a meeting with a trainer recently, and has been working on touch training and clicker training, and has been doing very well! As a stipulation for her adoption, BBR requests that Gracie continue with this type of training, as it has really helped her become more comfortable in her surroundings. Due to Gracie’s history, she will only go to a home with children 12 years old and older, or without any children in the home. Also, until Gracie has more experience around other dogs, she will need to go to a home without other dogs – especially small, yappy dogs.

    July 29 update: Gracie has improved so much over the past month! While she still likes the safe haven of her crate; she has come around to cuddling. She went through touch training and clicker training recently and learned so much! She learned sit, down and touch training in a short period of time. Her foster mom spends about 20 minutes a day re-enforcing these elements, and would love to see her new family do the same. She has responded really well to new people. She has been going right up to new people and even jumping for some loving (Her foster mom is trying to break her of that with the touch training). She loves booty rubs since the removal of her stitches and has no problem letting you know when she wants that bum rubbed! She is a little nervous around other dogs, especially little dogs. There are a few little pups in the area and when they start barking at her, she will hide from them. Her foster mom is hoping to get her around other dogs this week to see how she is around other (larger) size pups.

    The pup that entered her foster home a little over a month ago is no longer the same girl. She is super sweet and loving and really just wants as much attention as you can give her. She recently started giving kisses, and Gracie has no issues with having her cheeks or head kissed or with rubbing her scruff. She is quite active and loves to run around the yard. She will let you know when she has done enough laps and wants that nap. While I still believe that a home with older (12+) kids would be best, I really think she has made some great progress and will continue with the right training.

    July 7 update: Gracie has been a tough cookie to crack. She can be skittish at first, but will eventually warm up to you. Once she does, look out because she wants all the attention you can offer! She also enjoys the outdoors and running in circles like a crazy woman! Gracie walks well on a leash and stays close to your side, never ahead of you. Gracie listens well; she comes when called and has a sensitivity to the tone of your voice. If you raise your voice, even in a friendly manner, Gracie will likely just lie down right where she is with her head down. She also hates any type of loud noises – vacuums, blenders, the sound of pots and pans, and the like. When these arise, Gracie is often found in her crate. Gracie needs time to adjust and fully trust a person. She tends to get nervous when you are close to the scruff of her neck.

    Update: Great news! I've been ADOPTED!!!

    To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> Buckeye Bulldog Rescue
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