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Thread: ~Olivia~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Ohio

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    Default ~Olivia~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Ohio


    Please meet Olivia! She weighs about 45 pounds (with some weight left to gain), and is a beautiful, fawn brindle and white. Olivia is nearly 100% blind due to cataracts (she may be able to see some shadows). We don’t know much about Olivia’s background; she came to us as a surrender from a hoarding situation, where she spent the majority of her life in a crate. We don’t think Olivia had the best life before coming into BBR’s care, but she has grown and blossomed so much in her foster home!

    Olivia is a wonderfully sweet dog, and although she is blind, she does not let it slow her down! She loves to go on walks and explore the yard, following her nose everywhere. Olivia does very well in a fenced in yard where she can wander and explore. She is always in a good mood and hasn't met a person or an animal yet that she didn't like. She can hear and will try to make her way to you when you call her name. She even has a cute little head tilt as she listens for your call! She is very careful when navigating her surroundings, but gets to know her location very well. She takes slow, careful steps just in case she bumps into things. It’s truly amazing to watch her get around!

    Olivia does like to cuddle on the couch and listen to the TV. She is very quiet and has never barked or whined, but loves to wiggle her tail when she hears her name. Olivia really enjoys being close to her people, and LOVES to be around other dogs! She also does well with cats – she is not pushy with them, just curious. Olivia loves children, but due to her blindness, we do prefer for her to go to a home with older children… preferably 12 years old and above, who can better understand her sight issues.

    Olivia is crate trained, however after spending most of her previous life in one, she does not like to spend too much time in it. She does like to have “her space” that she knows she can got to – such as a gated off area in the home or dog bed. Olivia is mostly house trained; she has had a few accidents in her foster home, but they were due to her getting to know her surroundings, and not being able to find her way outside.

    Update: Great news! I've been ADOPTED!!!

    To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> Buckeye Bulldog Rescue
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