I'm Rocco and I'm ready to be your best friend! I'm the greatest listener you'll ever find, I'll stare deeply into your eyes and remind you that I love you. That blown work meeting? I'll still love you. Forgot your coffee mug on the roof of your car? I'll still love you. Wore two different shoes? Yep--still love you.

I'm not looking for a perfect human, just one that I can watch eat dinner every day and silently beg with my big eyes. I love car rides, going for short walks so I can say hi to all the neighbors, having my belly rubbed (fair warning, I hump when I get too excited), and chewing on my toys. I mostly lounge all day in my big dog bed and also love my room (crate) where I sleep while you're away. I've been told many times I'm a good boy for having such excellent report with my potty skills, I go outside rain or shine (although in the rain you may need to coax me a little since I'm no duck--water sucks!).

The only thing I ask of you, amazing human, is to please be sensitive to my shy personality. I'm often startled by loud noises, being sneaked-up on when I'm napping, and I'm not well with small kids (I prefer teenager/adults). I will need to be the only dog in the home since I don't get along easily with other dogs. I have not been cat tested, but something tells me I might not be big fan of those either....cat hairballs? What even are those?!! I'm great at simple commands like stay, sit, leave it, no, and come. I do have seasonal allergies that will require allergy medications but no other major health concerns.

Did I mention I'm food motivated?!

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