Please give a warm welcome to Addie Tude! Addie is a 10&1/2-year-old sweet, beautiful and still-spunky female English Bulldog that has recently come back into our care. This sweet Bullie spent the first 8 years of her life breeding 11 litters of puppies, and now she just needs a loving family to spend her golden years with, so she can be loved on and cuddled by her people, nap in the sunshine, and munch on an antler or two. It was mentioned that in Addie's previous home that she had potty issues so her Foster Family was ready to incorporate diapering into her routine. While in our care though, she has had only a couple of accidents (what Bullie doesn't at 10 ?), and she is being very consistent about letting her Foster Family know throughout the day when she needs to go outside.
Addie does well in a crate, loves her dog bed as much as she loves the sofa and loves being outside. She'll even chase the ball a bit in the yard. Addie is very laid back and easy going with humans, and will need to be part of a family with no cats and no other dogs, preferably with someone that is home with her most of the day. She wants to be close to her people, and would just love a spot next to you on the sofa where she can hang out and relax. Due to her arthritis, she will need to live in a house without stairs. Addie has typical grooming needs for a bulldog, including eye drops twice a day, but she is very patient and cooperative, which makes it a breeze. She takes medication twice daily to help with her arthritis, but her pill is easily camouflaged in her food and goes down with no problems. Addie Tude isn't quite ready for adoption yet, but that gives you time to get your application in

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