MYLA has learned and mastered a number of basic commands and will walk politely on a leash. She loves to go riding in cars where she will look around and then lay down. Myla is potty trained and will do her duty when let out and she will use a pee-pad if needed and no one lets her out on a regular schedule. She uses a doggy door and will go in and out on her own if you have a fenced yard. She loves to go out on her own and lay on the deck in the sun. Myla enjoys sleeping near people and will sleep as long as you do and amazingly, she doesn't snore like many bulldogs do. Myla will alert to strange sounds or if she sees people outside who don't belong. She is good with children and will take a treat nicely from their hand. Myla accepts other dogs and cats and Myla is very playful. She enjoys a good chew toy to keep her occupied. She seems to like having "noise" when she's alone so we play a radio for her when we're gone which helps her cope with being alone. Myla is a people dog and would be very happy with a person or family that has someone at home most of the time. This dog has no food or skin allergies that I've found and her coat is clean, clear and shiny. She has no known health issues and takes no medications. Myla would love to be a part of a new home with people for her to fall in love with.

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